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A “Culinary Grown Up Helper” inspires safety, imagination, good eating habits, reading, math, self esteem, and countless other valuable lessons. Just think all of this can be shared in just one tasty, fun filled cooking experience!


Seriously, teaching safety in the kitchen is important and rewarding as a parent. The safety lessons in the kitchen can spill over into many other areas of a kid’s life. It’s best to teach a few of them in your own kitchen, having fun along the way. Never, never leave your child unsupervised in the kitchen! Keep in mind the age and learning stage of your child when giving them kitchen tasks, all the while remembering to have patience and confidence in both of your abilities!


Imagination is Lilly and Audrey’s favorite part of cooking. Brainstorming recipes and party ideas with them is so much fun and it inspires me to be a kid again. Listen to your kids ideas and try to create a meal or gathering that reflects the whole families tastes. It’s easier than you would think. We especially like to take an ingredient we already have in the refrigerator and create a meal. This is cost effective and forces you to get creative!

Good Eating Habits:

It seems that growing up in the kitchen and being exposed to so many different kinds of foods has taught Audrey and Lilly balance. Allowing them to choose from well balanced healthy meals, we did not offer to fix a more kid like less healthy alternative. Making two meals for your family is time consuming and costly!


One of the jobs that the girls love in the kitchen is the “recipe reader”. The special person that keeps us on track with the directions, reading the recipe aloud. Reading anything, is great reading practice.


Kids learning fractions in the kitchen! It is amazing how much math can be learned at a very early age in the kitchen. Hands on, unforgettable math that kids enjoy and remember!

Self Esteem:

Eating and sharing what you have prepared together is priceless. Cooking and entertaining can promote interaction with family and friends. Cooking with your kids is time well spent building confidence, traditions, and it really does warm you up inside!

Countless Other Valuable Lessons:

What are these lessons? They are everything you talk about with your kids while spending time planning and preparing food. You never know what might come up, but it could be something very important! An opportunity to connect with your kids at every age is available while cooking, from mashing veggies for a baby or your teens snacking on the couch, you can engage them all with your time and tasty food.