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Felt Your Favors!

Posted on Jan 31, 2016 in Party Time | 0 comments

Valentines-FeltUsing felt for your valentine favors is inexpensive, fun and easy to repurpose long after the party is over. This simple craft is great for any themed party, but these colors of felt make it perfect for your special valentine.

Items Needed:

3 pieces colorful craft felt
embroidery thread
6 small Valentine cards
hole punch
bag of small candies
2 sheets colorful construction paper


Using a hole punch, punch a hole in the corner of each small valentine card. Cut pieces of felt in half. Cut 12 pieces of embroidery thread 8” long. Then cut 6 pieces of paper 4” x 6”. Take one of the pieces of felt lengthwise and lay a piece of the paper in the middle lengthwise. Roll gently into a cylinder, overlapping the felt by at least ¾ inch. Tie one end of the felt cylinder with a piece of the embroidery thread in a bow. Hold upright and fill with round candy. Using another piece of embroidery thread, place one of the valentine’s cards on the string. Tie the loose end in a bow with the thread, positioning the valentine card on the top of the cylinder. Repeat all steps with for the other five favors. Don’t forget to save the felt long after the candies are gone for other craft projects.
Photo by Meg Smith

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