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  1. Hi, I just saw you on The Chew today. I was most impressed and thought of my granddaughters and how they have stood on stools and helped since they were tots. Congratulations on your cookbook!

  2. Hi Lilly and Audrey!
    I recently got your cookbook for my birthday and I thought it was so cool! I am in middle school and LOVE cooking. Last year, I started a cooking blog and I cook/bake almost every weekend. I love cooking with friends as well. I think it’s so cool that you guys work together so well and enjoy cooking so much. I would fight with my sister in the kitchen. 😉 I also saw your recent post about writing. I love writing, too! I love writing (and reading) fiction and non-fiction alike. Even though I’ve been cooking for awhile now, your book really pushed me to keep cooking and to keep dreaming. Someday, I want to publish a cookbook, and the fact that you guys published one as kids really inspires me. Thank you!

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